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Art is where you find it

DECEMBER 18, 2017
CREATIVITY IS ANY WHERE YOU FIND IT If you simply think it And wish it
The Steam Powered Art Factory where “Art Meets Technology” and where we stand behind way behind, all our Ray Guns, Space Lazors way behind!!! Science fiction gun movie props French, English, and Russian guns up up and away way!!!
Yes we now feature at the factory prints made from The sculptures and the prints of the sculptures are in the “Private, Pistol, Parlor”, sorry no test shots!
Amazing Abraham Lincolns custom designed civil war protype steam powered snipers rife; has been spotted out west.
Steam Powered Staten Island Zombie Rifle This weapon was originally hand made in ancient Prussia by skilled tribal artisan in a remote village just outside the desert sands. Then brought to America in 1904 by a Thomas Edison engineer who discovered it in a side shop market while on vacation in Prussia. Once in Edison New Jersey at the Edison shop he tinkered for months at night with this strange device adding compression chambers for the hydrogen gas, and a rather ingenious electric firing system. This system permitted the explosive compressed gas to go off and to fire the projectile in some cases as far as two miles. Discovered one again at Englishtown N J at a flea market by professor Spollen on a rather dark and chilly afternoon. But after several weeks of, cleaning, internal exploration, tinkering, and fine tuning it was systematically brought back to life and what -la it worked. And as fate would have it was recently purchased by a dear friend of the professor who has had a lot of zombie problems. It turns out that this is just what he need to keep the predawn Staten Island Zombies Zombie’s way from his back-yard birdfeeder. They are deadly afraid of the non-lethal gas pellets he now fires at them. Who knew that Staten Island had so many zombies? Do you have Zombie problems?
“Its all over Town” have you not heard about? Its “UP Up and Away!”
Balloon Fine Art Print sold and its now off to China as well, good flight!
This is “The La Tura Flying Machine” simply another “ Chris Spollen” from his on going sculpture recent series “Le Balloons De Fantastical”,