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DECEMBER 18, 2018
Last night we are proud to announce we reached Brooklyn New York with our in house Steam Factory Wireless Marconi Transmitter Set. We received wind speed information as well as local temperatures and high tide reports. All in Morse code naturally but the signals all came in loud and clear and were a joy to us all to hear. And we were also able to contact our onboard harbor captain John Paul to see when our tugboat full of fresh rich Columbian coffee beans and fine number seven hard coal from Bristol England might arrive.
Le French Moon Gun 1902 Thought to have been aboard the French filmmakers rocketship on A Trip to the Moon is a 1902 a French adventure film directed by Georges Méliès or simply a studio prop. Yet others fell this is a piece right off the Universal back lot 1936 from the film “Rocket Ship”, staring Buster Crabbe. All the above are right this is exactly what good art does it provokes emotion, and or tweaks the imagination within us all. This is a rather large two piece art sculpture .The ray gun sits on a very ornate pedestal that is removable. A real collector’s item in its lavish details and extreme ornateness. Composed of cast iron, oak, and steel this piece seems to demand attention wherever it appears. This sculpture measures two and a half feet height and Three feet in in width Another recent sculpture in the on going series of sculptures by artist and sculptor Chris Spollen “La Ray Guns De La Fanstical”
Flying Saucer Ray Gun 1964 Given the restriction to size aboard the flying saucer this piece was somewhat compressed in design. Its concept was an on board side arm with ease of access and with a removable base. The early sixties US Air force flying saucers were sub orbital which meant they could land back on any earth location if mission problems occurred. The crew would have to fend for themselves in all kinds of invoriments. This is an early electric two shot laser gun on a recharger base. It had a chain operated pull switch in order to engage the rechargeable laser. Light weight and composed of both unbreakable glass and steel perfect for fights in which weight and storage were a major concern. This sculpture measures twelve inches height and Eighteen inches in in width Another recent sculpture in the on going series of sculptures by artist and sculptor Chris Spollen “La Ray Guns De La Fanstical”
We Just came back from a location photoshoot my dear wife and I, as I often like to do once a new sculpture has been completed. I always like to spend a little time with it looking at it outside the studio walls and in an abetting and suitable location. “Harold The Roboton” needed a classical location as to his musical abilities so we went to the north shore. I was looking for a French Great hall feeling as this is where “Harold the Roboton 1894” might be playing on a Sunday afternoon in France. What I did not realize as spot I found was in the front of the Staten Island Museum not in the quiet back for this shoot. Harold was meet with much Praise and adoration by the many passer byes. Much to my surprise as this was his first public appearance ever and not a planned one for sure. And as my wireless keyboard operator recently stated to me sir you have been living on Staten Island now for some sixty-six years. And in all that time of almost constant creativity some fifty-five years you have not opened your studio doors even once to the general public. Yes, rather briskly I replied remember Ford always tested in the wee hour’s hours of the morning, thank you for that information now back to work. (Of course now with all this unbridled admiration and curiosity by the general public I must imeadaly begin fabrication on the Robot-ton presented to Napoleon Bonaparte of France After, he crowned himself emperor in 1804}
The power is on once again at the Steam Powered Art Factory as the boilers are all fired up and all the wires are all plugged in, the prints are coming off the press. At the factory all our sculptures must be made into fine art very collectable limited edition prints before leaving our shop. Our clients like to put a piece of original handmade art on the walls in their home or office, but not a five foot rocket ship so our finely produced art prints fill this gap quite nicely. Much time and passion go into each image and sculpture as to choice of background color, feel, and story, and yes the stories are key. {The Print S.S. Stapleton}
My poor dear wife and what she does for me in the name of art. Last week the US landed on Mars last Sunday The Steam Powered Art Factory landed on the moon. Or rather “Tommie the little boy who grew up by the sea”, landed on the moon. And the man in the moon as it turns out is actually a woman, OMG! {Special thanks to Vincent Di Fate for the “A Trip to the Moon” film reference copy by ‎Georges Méliès} {Art ,Motion and Sound!}
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