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JANUARY 22, 2019
On a recent afternoon one of our customers was shocked to find that we still use snail mail. Next you are going to tell me you still use paper, Yes to this I replied acid free in fact, OMG! Many projects under way at our factory as the winter winds blow outside we simply create while staying very warm inside.
Our printing press has been working on overtime as a constant flow of sixteen by twenty inch Giclee art prints keep rolling off. The holidays always bring about a very hectic flow of activity inside our small but very productive and warm art factory. “Fishing Boat”: Giclee art Print from Chris Spollen’s “Work Boat” Series
As the call goes out from within our factory.” Ok what do we all want to do on this cold winters day”, and unanimously the shouts all come back “Lets Make Art!” and so the story goes. As the clanging of metal, the hissing of the steam pipes and the roar of the mighty ovens begin. Art is rolling off our presses once again as the smell of rich Corinthian coffee fills the air, life is good and all is well. Art from “A Re-Imagined World” the on going series “Work Boats” (Sculptures and Prints by artist Chris Spollen}
I may be an old inventor but I like this guys work this fella called “Professor Spollen” (Thomas Edison}
They said don’t worry professor we will get and hang your artwork for the show on the house. OMG!
The walls are filling up at the Factroy we are running out of space, art is everywhere
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