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Outside Looking In

FEBRUARY 18, 2019
Southern Dreaming, they say go south young man go south. Daydreaming has always been a way of life for me and sometimes it has opened doors.
What if Tommie meets “Harold “the French Robot -Ton at the Staten Isalnd Museum and he tells Tommie to fly to the Moon. Once on the moon he meets The Robot-ton, “Pedro De La Tan” 1804 of France and he gives Tommie the true meaning of life OMG!!! “Tommie” The Little Boy who grew Up by the Sea,” the Journey continues From a current series of all metal “Retro Robot -on s” old school European, French English and Chinese early auto-tomotons A.I. This is another sculpture in artist and sculptor Chris Spollen’s ongoing series of sculptures entitled “Robots and Rocket Ships”
“A Snelfie “ is when your amazing wife takes a great shot of you I also have to thank my wife for finding out about the show and signing us both up to display our art. When the talking starts, the walking begins, art should speak for it’s self, so sorry. Actually I would love to get a key and explore the boiler room in the basement of this building its over one hundred years old. Not much for crowds, or small talk, likes to be alone, or in the woods, or in the shop!
“Wonderful Art show at the Staten Island Art Lab”
“The Oscar Zeppelin” and “Run Away Train” both sculptures are now on display for the very first time anywhere.
These are my two of my sculptures that are currently on display at the Staten Island Art Lab “The Oscar Zeppelin” England 1924, and “The Run Away Train”, Staten Island 1894
Tommie is testing his new rocket ship design and is flying over Staten Island as “Duke” the old sea gull Tommie’s best friend as well as his flying instructor watches very closely and worries. This little boy is determined to fly to the moon! “Tommie” The Little Boy who grew Up by the Sea,” the Journey continues
‘Robot-ton’s European A.I. Robo-tons (Of the eighteen hundreds Europe} Recent Sculptures by Chris Spollen This is the new working poster for the top Secret Series that I have been consumed with for some many months now. Working inside the shop as well as out side in the back yard in twenty-degree weather, it’s a little dark in that it involves early artificial intelligence .So I have been very tight lipped about its progress. But A.I is now very much apart of our daily life’s weather we know it or not. Information is being gathered collected reviewed and sold to sales groups as well a Foreign countries. A.I is stepping into retail, hotels, grocery stores, our homes, and the military. With the advent of the smart phone and social media private lives have been given up its all on the web everything. A.I. is is growing and our personal information is being compiled. , collected and sold Some say its just runaway capitalism, like Democracy, and we can all see where that can take us. There is s a big brother in the dark Internet shadows and what effect this will have on our society and us remains to seen and foretold. But this is a Fantastical artistic look back at A.I. its beginnings in Europe during the eighteen hundreds, In England, France and China. As well as all the stories to go along with the various devices with detailed notes as to and what they were capable of and how they worked. These strange machines like devices have come from the simply passive and decorative background now to the fully an engaged foreground. They are the Harbbenjoures of advents yet to come or the tellers of yet unspoken truths. They were the mechanical minds of their time the eighteen hundreds and the predictor’s of uncertain possibilities and the seer's of the future so many years ago.
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