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APRIL 16, 2019
The Steam Factory workers want to show the general public the new works, to this I replied, no The last week a worker commented to me professor your new work seems to be getting a bit darker. Do no over intellectualize the art, I shouted now get back to work.
Rocket’s, Robots, Flying Saucers, and do not forget Robo-tons, our factory remains in full output mode. As long as the steam lines are up and running art continues to be created. Despite the wind, or rain we have our boilers fired up and the production line is moving art for art sake. We pride ourselves on self-reliance and innovative concepts even if they’re a bit out of this world
Were all steamed up and burning some very fine umber seven coal flying deep into outer space we are looking the world over for an honest man, are you? We are currently cruising the heavens above in search of for what was once termed “Truth, Justice and the American Way”. “And please remember what gain it a man if he steals the world but loses his soul” preaching from the heavens above, so sorry (Actually we are on a location scouting flight for the up coming “Tommie the little boy who grew up by the sea” story}
Tommie OMG he discovers the Man in the Moon is actually a Woman a Mama!
Professor oh my no smart phone, and you snail mail out all your contracts, professor you are so old school, yes I am but old school still works for me so sorry. I also have a very large selection of very old and recycled amazing items some from my fathers workbench, you might remember the word: “tools”: this was way before your time and the world of apps. With such tools doors of the yet unknown and new possibility’s can be Imagined then fabricated and then opened. As Americans we must remember to never loose our basic hands skills or what we so proudly referred to as “Yankee Ingenuity”. It is truly what made us great, not cheating, lying, or stealing other people’s money. {Spoken by the words of and old Eagle Scout and adjunct Art Professor} PS you just gave me an idea maybe in time I should post some of the many flying machines that were created by just a few in a small Staten Island urban garage with said tools over the last twenty-eight years, “Human Power”, 12 mph-35 mph
Went in to town last night And got the book Fist full of Drawings Amazing Art Journal created by fellow artist and dear friend Joe Ciardello A true work of art, a master piece, a collector’s item for sure So stay back sucker You want my signed copy Or do you feel lucky? http://fantagraphics.com/flog/events/manhattan-joe-ciardiello-at-society-of-illustrators/
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