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The Show

AUGUST 12, 2019
Hi Chris- there has been so many visitors! People LOVE this show. It is spreading love throughout the city and out into the universe! INQUIRY FROM BERGDORF GOODMAN We love this work 5th Avenue display windows next month Dates would be August 6-27 The love continues and the show goes on
The robots love being in New York City
Rocketships naturally or how else would we get to the moon
Well they say that the show must go on, and so it is. I am simply watching back at my studio, as various photos come in from people who are documenting this artistic event and journey. It is as if the show has gained its own energy and is moving forward while I am behind the curtains kind of fun.. I’m completely consumed with the creating of the art but not so the showing so special thanks to my fellow friends and artists Mike Garland, Joe Ciardiello and Melanie Reim who came all the way out to my studio and hand picked through the piles the ones they liked. Its kind of like the art pieces have now become movie stars in NYC, or maybe people could simply just use a little fantasy right now, its good for the soul. Ok so it’s of to Bergdorf’s, best
I was amazed once again art in the hands of yet another talented group the crew at Bergdorf Goodman. Of course it was raining but then the lights came on OMG very cinematic, each window as like a movie. Art Goodman models,Robots and shadows, the windows are huge and have lights like a Broadway theater in each. They told me my images were so strong they only needed a light pattern background
Then the lights went on
Robots and high fashion it worked!
All I know the hair on the back of my neck stood up this was amazing. The shadows they are made were visually exciting. Sill working today adjusting lights and I will get info posted as well as FIT will be tagged and rightly so, what a night!
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