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Summertime Super Sweetness June 11 It was a few months after my doctor told me my blood sugar was too high and I had to cut out sweets that the call... Sunday Biz November 23 It's always great to do work for the Times. The adrenaline rush of the starting gun, fear and foreboding while... The Sun Sets on the British Empire: maybe not so much September 23 It has been about a month since I did this illustration for Christian Science Monitor. The vote hadn't taken... Light My Fire April 29 When Road & Track called with the assignment of a big spark plug, my mind went immediately to the Lucian... Swimming April 28 I've taken up swimming at a local pool. The locker room and the pool area are full of things to draw as people... Another Stefan Fan Club Member January 19 Lou's post of a couple days back reminded me that I meant to post my own portrait of Stefan Kiefer (Der Spiegel... The Perf September 28 There is a newsletter called "Beyond the Perf" that goes out to stamp collectors who subscribe. They... No Photoshop...!? September 9 This year's Call for Entries from the Society of Illustrators isn't a favorite of mine, but something caught... Organized Crime August 20 This was a week that looked to be a killer, but ended up with things falling into place and actually staying there.... Thanks illo. Magazine..! August 13 Dan Zimmer, publisher of illo. magazine asked me to contribute images for an article... ages ago. He's been... Hey, kids... collect 'em all...!!! May 14 On June 7th, the US Postal Service will dedicate this stamp, my fourteenth (if you don't count versions with... Sculpey Play April 28 My take on the world right now.... I'm left holding the steamy stuff. Ha, ha...! Endangered Species April 2 In two weeks, April 16th to be exact, I'll be giving a little talk at the dedication of a new stamp of mine, the Polar... TNR WPA cover March 2 It's always great to get a call from Christine Car or Joe Heroun at The New Republic. This time, I got to channel... Quickie for Pen & Brush Club Show January 27 Jerelle Kraus included me in an invitation to submit work to a Pen & Brush Club show titled: How will Obama’s... Ode to Ordinariness September 29 Peter Cusack, in addition to being a painter of beautiful images and sketchbook artist, is an art director for a book... Worried Obama for TNR September 23 The New Republic called for a cover that would be a spin-off of the Shepard Fairey posters displaying a drawing of... New Show: Women's Work September 8 Two recent shows at the Society of Illustrators have disappointed me in their lack of participation by a proportionate... Another not destined for any annual August 11 Well, at least I'm having a good time. The AD originally wanted me to knit something to go across an entire spread in... Ch-ch-ch-changes...! August 1 Yesterday morning, at the stroke of the deadline bell (11am), I handed in my drawing of a bottle of wine for today's... On the Roadshow June 28 ICON5 is almost here..! And I'm about ready for the Roadshow. Have my iPhoto books ready, big and small. The little... Profile Stock June 6 Paying my bills (finally) today, I ran across this card that came in the mail from Profile Stock. I kept it because I... Getting Ready for ICON Roadshow May 20 I've decided to do the Roadshow for ICON5 as well as attend the conference. I've never done a portfolio review before... My Trip to Detroit April 13 My good friend and fellow drawger, Don K, invited me out to the school where he teaches (College for Creative Studies)... Play at the ICON5 US Open..! April 8 Here's a proposition. When ICON5 comes to town (weekend of July 4th), I'd like to get a bunch of illustrators and art... Open That Bottle March 15 I had a fun, quick job for the WSJ this week. Ketrina Hoskin was the art director and she was terrific. The article was... Self-demotion? March 10 Over the weekend, I thought I should do something for self-promotion, maybe a set of blank greeting cards to send to... Quelle surprise..! January 16 Ever run across an image of yours in an unexpected place? It's always a mixed reaction of "Hey, look, that's... Carrying a Toon January 7 Here's a fun site for creating a simple cartoon and exporting animated gifs from your results. No need to sign up or... Suzanne Vega Portrait: WSJ August 6 Thanks to drawger daveB, I got to do a fun assignment for the Wall Street Journal last week, a portrait of Suzanne... Playing with Poser July 30 Has anyone else played around with Poser? In the past, the figures looked too weird for me to consider the program, but... The Return of Prof Stahl July 16 Did you miss me? I was in Hartford, CT for the past week, teaching in Murray and Carol Tinkelman's independent study... Split Personality April 10 There is nothing better than a client saying you are free to experiment with an assignment... until you find the... More Stamps Announced March 29 Two more of my drawings for the USPS have been announced and will be available in May. The first of these two... Rockwell on a $50 Bill February 26 Have you seen the new currency issued in the Berkshires? No joke. They are called "Berkshares" and there are... Big Mouth Open November 3 I don't have to keep my big mouth shut anymore when it comes to these stamps which are set to be issued next year. They Hated It... but all's well now. October 18 Done. Delivered. Approved.Oh, oh... I see some things I forgot to do. Nancy 1: It's approved, stop! It's almost 7pm on... Those terrifying hours (days) October 18 By the skin of my teeth, I just handed this in to a California client for today's deadline. These jobs where I just... Go to finish..! October 3 Do you ever find yourself pouring out roughs in an attempt to solve the illustration problem only to find when they... Beefcake September 13 To celebrate the arrival of a few new female members, I think it's time to start posting some beefcake. A little... My Beautiful Baby Piece August 1 Here's my entry for the Beautiful Baby show. Stahl Lite June 15 I've been trying to find a less time-intensive way to work for clients with short deadlines... and maintain my somewhat... Workbook Ad Done May 25 It isn't what I had intended, or necessarily wanted, but it's done and sometimes that's more important. I've never... My Attempt at Humor February 26 My clock radio woke me one morning with the usual parade of societal woes which somehow got me to thinking, "Who makes... Book: Elie Nadelman February 21 I had meant to get to the Whitney for this show of Elie Nadelman's work, but you know, it was all the way across the... What's Next? February 13 Ready to embark on a second career. Professional knitters and merit badge embroiderers don't get paid as well, though....
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