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Blockhead February 5 After twenty-two years on the computer, I decided it is time I informed my digital work with more tactile attempts... This One's for Paul Rogers September 5 This evening at Flushing Meadows, most people had their eyes on Nadal, Clijsters and Dent but I was looking at all... Tennis in Grand Central April 21 New York Magazine published an article decades ago stating that there were two tennis courts in Grand Central... Folded Paper April 17 Inspired by Leo's article on his own paper toy, I dug out some paper folded things from what was once becoming a... Testing 1-2-3 March 23 I've had an animated gif as my avatar before, but for some reason, I can't get this to be active. Doing it in... Where Were You? January 21 I was in the dentist's chair after a weekend of tooth pain. He finished with me just as things were getting under way,... Things I've Learned So Far in 2009 January 6 First of all, I accidently learned how to take a screen shot with my iPhone. If you don't know this trick, it's a good... The Vet Who Did Not Vet October 31 A friend pointed me to this YouTube video about the choice of Sarah Palin. You know the subject matter, but the... Boggle predicts Obama Win..! October 9 I've admitted here before my addiction to playing online Boggle. I've been spending time doing it for a good cause of... Tennis Heaven August 29 Last night my college roommate invited me to join her in the President's box (that's the USTA president, not the White... This One's for Peter May 7 Having the iPhone in my pocket has started me looking more at things I normally pass by quickly. And NYC is having a... And the Winner Is.... February 4 Alan Witschonke...!If you haven't kept up with the first Drawger Open Scrabble Tournament, here is the filled in draw... Drawger Open Draw January 15 Here is the draw for the First (and maybe only) Drawger Open Scrabble Tournament.There was no magic formula in... Drawger Open January 13 A number of us here are Scrabble players. I've played online with Linzie (she whomped me) and have logged in a half... Bookmakers September 30 Today there was a submission to my drawger gallery show, Found Faces, from a woman named Alison Kurke. I needed to... And they're off...!!! June 17 Friday was a beautiful day, perfect for my trip to Belmont Park to see the races. I have questions about the need for... Summer in the City June 7 I'm having a fun pre-summer doing the things I like the best. That means riding my bike along the Hudson and playing... Visit with Elwood and Maggie May 28 Yesterday I tagged along with Zina as she went up to Rhinebeck to interview our too long absent drawger, Elwood Smith.... Scrabble with Strangers April 12 Last night I went to my first Scrabble Meet-Up. You might remember I mentioned going to Boggle Meet-Ups in the past.... College Buddies March 26 I've been away.... did you miss me? First to my big brother's to celebrate his birthday (a milestone one), then he... Stuck On You February 14 It's late in the day, but Happy Valentine's..! Two Shows in One Afternoon January 31 There are two small shows in NYC right now that I would recommend, if you haven't seen them. Martin Ramirez at the... Pixar Zoetrope October 4 After reading about Don's lunch at Pixar, I was reminded that I meant to post a photo and link of the zoetrope that was... drawger technorati October 3 Posts that contain Drawger per day for the last 30 days.Get your own chart! Summer of '71 September 24 Zina and I must be around the same age. This is a photo of me, drawing portraits at a street fair, that ran in a local... Ancient (in digital terms) animation September 13 In order to move my black box down, I went digging for something that would make me smile. Kahlua was a friend's dog,... The Saga of Cat Piss, part II September 4 Let me see... where did I leave off? Everyone have their jammies on, teeth brushed and flossed, faces washed?... Paint Chips August 25 Okay, it's called Monarch White. Why does it look like Cat Piss Sorbet when I put it on my walls? I know to expect a... Bikers... wear your helmets..!! August 11 I'm sure you serious bikers are excellent about wearing a helmet when you ride, but people like me who take a slow ride... Speaking of Joe Piscopo August 9 Looking for a Broadway show to recommend to an out-of-town friend, I ran across this: Joe Piscopo's Son Under the... Four rooms in one..! August 3 My floors have needed refinishing since before I moved in here. I finally (with the help of my friends) moved... Testing One, Two, Three June 21 I'm going to give Skype a try this evening. In the meantime, I thought I'd check out Odeo and see if I can place a... My dad, Captain Stahl June 15 My father grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. He said he was out in the fields and an airplane went overhead and he... Where's Randy? June 14 Where's my Daily Randy? I haven't seen any posts lately from Mr. Enos. Has anyone checked the barn? Musician / Architect / High School Friend, John Kuhn May 19 I don't have any music of my own to add here (believe me, you're happy) even though I am the composer of a few... Springtime in NYC.... oops! April 18 It seems what I saw last weekend were the blossoms on their way out, not beginning to bloom. And with this rain, if you... Animation at Tribeca Film Festival March 29 For the past five years I've planned to go to the Tribeca Film Festival. The animation they have scheduled for this...
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