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Power Knitting

JUNE 11, 2007
Of course, I had to get a SONY, no ugly Dell.. it was bad enough I was buying a Windows machine.
Here is a glimpse into the world of computerized knitting. There is a program for PCs only (apparently works on Intel Macs, haven't tried it yet) called Design-a-Knit. That's what I use to draw out what the stitch pattern will look like. And why I have a PC laptop.
The next step is to download it to the knitting machine's computer with the teeny tiny screen. This is a photo of an early attempt. A failed design using the illoz logo is on the screen.
Okay, I admit I'm an addicted geek when it comes to my knitting machines. It has been a year since I had them both set up and as I was trying to thread the thing, I shook with nervous anticipation. I love this machine.
Starting with one color
When you've got 150 stitches or more going, it's a real workout pushing the shuttle back and forth for hundreds of rows. (Hanoch can send you a photo of my pumped up arm.)
Once set up, this swatch takes about fifteen minutes to knit.
A tension swatch. Measuring this will give me the right gauge. The shape is in the computer and it figures it all out for me. Future socks for our Zimm?
Or I could give this another try.
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