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Paint Chips

AUGUST 25, 2006
Lovely color as a swatch, in the bucket, in the roller pan... lousy on my walls.
Okay, it's called Monarch White. Why does it look like Cat Piss Sorbet when I put it on my walls? I know to expect a pale color to look darker on a larger surface, but really.

Back to the hardware store..!
The second unpainted color is going to be a pale warm white.
It's going to be stripes. I had them before, just different colors. Right now, it looks like a nursery with all these off-whites. But I have faith. I'm going to the store for a quart of Rice. Can't get much more neutral than that..!!

There I was up on the ladder, my poor bruised body (see previous article), painting these curves with a brush, all for nought..! I'm hiring someone to do the living room.
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