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The Saga of Cat Piss, part II

Back in my Ivory Tower.
Let me see... where did I leave off? Everyone have their jammies on, teeth brushed and flossed, faces washed? Okay...

The color sensitive maiden was distressed over the uric acid tinge to her bedroom walls and thought and thought for days on end. Finally she decided to do the Easter egg dye trick, she would put all the remaining paint from the cans of rejected colors into one big vat and stir and stir until there came a color that she knew was the one she just had to use to re-paint her walls.

There was certainly enough paint in all those cans to cover the Cat Piss Sorbet, but when she arrived at the perfect color, she failed to think of volume, so in love was she with the new hue. She began to paint and as the ceiling was covered the mathematical side of the happy maid began to caculate square footage and quarts spent. It wasn't looking good. She didn't paint where the bookcase would go, where the dresser would go... could she skip painting behind the door? Finally, she ran out of the perfect color.

Dismayed, she sat and thought and thought for days on end. And played some online Boggle. Then, stir stick in hand, she went back to the paint store. A friendly helpful hardware man greeted her at the door. What was this, Kansas? Could he help? She showed him the stir stick and shrugged her dejected shoulders. He whisked it away, put it in his magic box and came back with a can of paint named "Nancy Ivory" that matched the perfect color perfectly.

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