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Tonkin Ghosts
As we contemplate our next war(s), how many of them do you think were BS-based? Spain and Iraq come to mind. We are now at the 50th anniversary of a biggie: Vietnam. After the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, we were in it for keeps. And to our eternal regret. Here's how it happened, for the LA Times. Special props to Susan Brenneman, Sue Horton, Cherry Gee, editors and Wes Bausmith Creative Director.
On these sequentials now I do the pages and then each slide for the scroll-down or click-through on the site. And the typeface is my scrawl made into a font.
Here's how it looks online.

World War 3 Anthology
Great props to Peter Kuper, Seth Tobocman and the gang at WW 3 Illustrated for this beautiful volume (published today!) documenting and celebrating the glorious 35 year journey under the flag of this brave comic. All artists with hearts, souls, brains, who feel their most important client is their own conscience. I respect and admire every one of these firends and colleagues. Tonight you can catch them and grab a book at Blue Stockings  here in NY. In any case get this book. Honored to be along for the first 35. Signed on for the next!
Keep 'em flyin'!
Sabrina Jones
Kuper's Oaxaca journals are excerpted here.
Eric Drooker
Kuper again.
Mac McGill
Sue Coe
Bob Art
Chiming in here about the SI event tonight, honoring our great friend and colleague Bob Newman. A group of artists have gathered to donate work to help get him through some very severe medical expenses. This is a labor of art, love and gratitude to a pal and guru to artists everywhere. In honor of the moment I have done a watercolor portrait of Bob. If you like, please bid. So grateful to Danny Hellman and the illustration community who got behind this effort. Here's to Bob: good health, and a long, beautiful, art-filled (and debt-free) life!
White House Correspondents' Dinner 2014

To celebrate the Dinner I did two historical reviews of the proceedings. First for Politico Magazine and the second for the Washington Post style section. To start, here's Pres. Obama doing great schtick slickly written by Jon Favreau et al. Much better material and delivery than by Joel Plugandplay.

Calvin Coolidge was the first president to attend.
In the 50's and 60's it was a Sinatra and Hope type of affair.
Helen Thomas was the first to break to the glass ceiling and pave the way for women reporters.
Michael Kelly shocked the gang by bringing Fawn Hall.
As did Ellen DeGeneres, later on, by bringing Anne Heche.
Then there was the year of Ozzie.
There was a year when Obama sported bangs. For some reason.
Remember when Seth Meyers said that Trump was not only on Fox but also had a fox on his head?  Great.
Penn and Scarlett showed up together one night.
Arianna Huffington called Christie and Bon Jovi her "Jersey Boys". Ickkk.
The most amazing night of all was when Obama joked along while plans to take out bin Laden were under way. A great split screen Zero Dark 40 missed. Would have been a funnier film.
And for the same issue of Politico I illustrated a  comprehensive review by Luke O'Brien of  Tina Brown's excellent Newsweek adventure. She is seen here with Barry Diller and Sydney Harman.
Thanks to everyone at Politico and WaPO and also to the above who do so much for caricature!
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