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I've been teaching at SVA lo these 20 years. I began in the Continuing Ed world. Now teaching sophomores and seniors. And after being asked, beginning an evening class again. It's a different scene at night. Grown-ups, people who have been working in the graphic arts awhile or wanting to make a change. The conversations are different. I missed it. So here it is, beginning next week (still openings I understand).  SB's Open SVA Night Class.
This falls, it turns out, on the same week as I am honored by this profile of my teaching career along with 8 colleagues in the NY Observer by Cynthia Cotts: 
click here: Top of the Class: Some of NYC’s Leading Professors Share Their Secrets
I am grateful to SVA, The Observer and most of all, all my students over all the years, who have given me so many golden gifts.
What follows are a few illustrated  thoughts about why I love teaching.
Winter Crop
I was asked this week by The New York Observer to contribute something to a section on the Paris atrocity. So much as been said. I wish the families and in fact all of us the strength to get through this time. Our lives and democracy are under siege. I knew Tignous, judged a Dogan contest with him in Istanbul. A more gentle, funny, light-hearted soul you would never meet. This is a world gone dangerously mad in 3D. Rather than draw another brave artist (can't get enough of those) I wanted to discuss the nexus between the terrorists and the far right in Europe. There is a neo-Nazi group in many countries waiting for such events to seize power as the Bushcheneys did here. Fascism surrounds. Know your enemy, I would like to say, it isn't Islam. It is Fascim and hate.
GQ's Dumbest Quotes of 2014
Here are some of The Dumbest Quotes of 2014. See the whole gang at: Researched, written, illustrated by Meself, with great design and animation from Fred Woodward, Martin Salazar, and fact-checking from Sarah Ball. It was a very good year . . . for stupid! Here's to a less idiotic 2015. But, you know . . . this is something we are good at.
SPD Day 3: Illustration as Authorship
Here is Day 3 at SPD.
Illustration as Authorship: When the Story Starts With You
Thanks again to Bob Newman and the gang. Please visit there for my latest.
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