DECEMBER 24, 2010

Here are some of the top stories for 2010 in my short for Need To Know airing tonight, PBS (check your locals).

The long national nightmare of the BP oil spill became a forgotten day-dream by election day.


The press followed the Administration's lead in hyping the "end of combat operations" in Iraq, without highlighting our continued involvement and the ongoing unresolved sectarian violence there.

And that Health Care Law, can anybody tell you what was in it . . . and why my premiums just went up?

Then there was the Greenland Ice Sheet, melting away with great vigor, it turns out, while 1/2 of new GOP congressmen are Climate Change deniers.


And so, we drift along, paying attention, perhaps to things more important.

Here's how it looks when shot, edited and animated by Jacob Williams and Bryan Brinkman, respectively, of The Refinery.

Here's to a wakeful 2011.

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