Karmix Convergence

MARCH 28, 2011

The R. Crumb  opening at the Society of illustrators may have been its greatest moment. The doors were bursting and lines snaked around Lexington. Tim O'Brien, the Museum Committee and Anelle Miller have clearly rocked this musty old house into a new era.
Perfection must be acknowledged when it is found. And this image touches the hem of the Universally Perfect.  Anelle Miller our exec director at the SI is many things: artist, art enthusiast, visionary leader, friend to artists. But it never occured to me that in addition to everything else, she could be the perfect Crumb-muse. Before the opening on Friday Anelle was wining and dining him, opening a spiritual connection that clearly has blossomed.  Crumb fell for her and the SI, asking about joining (for this he and Aline have been given honorary memberships). This is not to anyone's credit.  It is nature; forces of the universe blending and combining, reaching an apotheosis in this moment, captured by Jordin Isip, sent to me by Drew Friedman, when Anelle drops her flesh and blood reality and leaps into the Comix world, lost forever; now another comely creature of Crumb. The whole thing is overwhelming, wonderful and tragic. We may never see her again, at least as we remember her. Anelle, come back. I think I have to lie down.