Opening Day

APRIL 4, 2011

This week I began a new series of editorial videos for Slate.com.  Up till now I have used a production crew to create short films.  This works very well for TV where you can find (if you're lucky) a budget of some kind.  The web is different.  If I wanted to continue this online, I realized I had to get the costs down.  So finally, after some fuss and education I have gotten the video deal down to the cost of an editorial illustration. Thanks to Bill Smee and everyone at Slate for giving this a go.  Shooting for one a week.  Let's see what happens. I will put these up as I do them. A big difference between this and print is that success is measured in clicks . . . not only editorial preference. So your page-view really helps.  Hope you like.


In honor of opening day, who these ballplayers remind you of? 


The Giants' Brian Wilson?



Manny Ramirez?






                                                                              Milton Bradley?


Strasburg and zimmerman

Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmermann?



See the full video at http://www.slatev.com/video/opening-day-meets-2012/