Bingsop's Fables

JUNE 15, 2011
This spring marks the coming of Bingsop's Fables, a hilarious romp through the jungle of business by Stanley Bing, raconteur, bon vivant, guru, thoroughly jaundiced individual and old friend from my Esquire days. I wound up illustrating every fable because, well, what else am I supposed to do. Here's a video made of one of them. The narration is important because it is done by Stanley Bing, which proves he is real. Clearly this took about 3 minutes to do. Hope you like. BINGSOP'S FABLES AVAILABLE HERE


The Miserable Miserly Mogul Gets Served

The Potentially Generous CEO and the Idiots Who Misjudged the Depths of His Largesse

When Worlds Collide

The Former CEO Who Would Be King

The Veep and the Creep

Politics Makes Smart Bedfellows

The President of Sales vs. The Lazy Sales Weasels

The Stupid Investor Gets Outsmarted...Again!

Publicity Hungry Wart Hogs

The Human Resources Guy Who Became Something of a Hipster