Postcards from Camp by Simms Taback

JUNE 23, 2011
Just in time for the annual rite of kids going off to camp and hating it because, well, they're kids, comes "Postcards from Camp" by Simms Taback. Simms is a great magician of kid lit, blending some tough reality with a guiding common sense, deep love for kids, all tied together with warm humor. A kid's first year CARE package will not be complete without this.

The concept is not unlike the trilogy of  Griffin and Sabine, but concise to the subject, Postcards captures the terror of camp as well as the process of discovery.  The conceit here is that both father and son are gifted graphic artists and can create beautiful cards for each other (in the Taback manner) to deal with the various issues that come up. So the conversation goes on on the front of the cards as well as the the back.

Of course, you don't KNOW how HOT it is in the city!!!!
As we go, there are envelopes and letters.

Opening someone else's mail is a little weird  but fun and a great device for driving you deeper into the story. This is something you won't ever get from an e-book (although there is great e-book potential here).
It kept bringing up for me my love/hate camp experiences.  It went to extremes in all directions.  This book is a success if it can do that for you. It has the flavors and attitudes of camp.  The songs, the games, the things people say to each other and the stuff kids say to themselves. This is another hit for Simms and all his lucky fans. Of whom I am one. ORDER IT HERE!
Simms by SB