Troy Davis 1975-2011

SEPTEMBER 21, 2011
Tonight, as I write this Troy Davis is being killed by the State of Georgia and a combined posse of vengeance, ignorance and indifference. May Davis and all the Davises past and future be as a eternal spur to the conscience of this country until the death penalty is permanently erased.
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The Troy Davis execution is scheduled for 7PM tonight.  The Georgia parole board, clearly a group of  high moral certitude is able to take the life of a man about whose conviction there is extreme doubt, with no physical evidence in the case, with testimony recanted by almost all witnesses, with calls from the Pope, Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter and over 600,000 letters and petitions. As of this writing he has been refused his request to take a polygraph test this afternoon.
Mr. Davis is quickly becoming a symbol for the all the reasons we can't have a death penalty in this country.  Even if you had no moral misgivings with the penalty you must still agree, based on overwhelming evidence (over 130 exonerations so far) that the death penalty cannot be administered competently.  You must ask yourself if it is possible for one innocent person to be put to death.  If there answer is yes, which it most certainly is, then you must say whether or not you are fine with that.  Then ask if you would be fine with 2.  Or 3. Or 130. or 1000.  Next question: what's your number?  If you have a good number that's not zero, you would then have to say why that would be your cut off and not the next number up. Unless an unlimited number of innocent deaths is fine with you, you cannot be in favor of one. It is time for some decent human beings in positions of power in Georgia to make noise and spare Davis.  And it is past time for all of us to make noise about this disgraceful blot on our country.