Thank You, CA

APRIL 26, 2012

So grateful to the judges at CA for including my work this year. Very privilaged company as usual. Standouts, aside from the Great Ciardiello and Edel pieces that are here, there are Bill Mayer's postage stamp inventions, Heidi Younger's Am Mask, Ellen Weinstein's amazing "The Unbelievers", Victo Ngai's Beast Labyrinth, Gaddafi by Chris Gall, Tim O'Brien's creepy The Island of Doctor Ivanov, Brian Stauffer's startling Hair Raising Effect, Serge Bloch's eloquent Et Avant (And Before) and Gary Kelly's powerful World War I Christmas book.

Mine include this opener for a piece for Rob Hewitt and Conde Nast's Traveler. Writer Pico Iyer sailed on his first cruise and was surprised at how much he liked it.  It turned out that I had been to some of the same places and was able to use my own snapshots as scrap!

Here Pico is deciding he likes all the fuss. The dining room is actually the one on the ship I'd been on.
Here is the main road in the ancient city and archeological site of Ephesus, which we visited last year.
Here's the image of Pico in the same scene, sans tourists.
The next was my image of Newt for Rem Duplessis at the NY Times Magazine. This was for a review of his many literary efforts.  It's especially poignant see this now as we say farewell to Newtie this week.  In the current campaign Gingrich sacrificed every shred of credibility he had (there wasn't much to start with) in a desperate struggle with his own irrelevence.  He is now left without money, friends or  . . . credibility.  Just a bunch of books and Calista.  That may be all he needs.
But I doubt it.
I don't feel sorry for Newt.  He still has Shelley Adelson who can always find him work at the craps table in Vegas.   I weep for the illustrators of the world who will now be stuck with Romney, who you can draw by looking at Legos. Well, anyway.  Thanks CA.