JULY 11, 2012
Here's to the premiere of the USA Network's new mini series POLITICAL ANIMALS. This thinly disguised riff on Hillary Clinton, played here by heart-throb-to-guys-my-age Sigouney Weaver. Siggy here, however, actually divorces her philandering husband and then becomes a power on her own.  Something tells me this show will not hurt Hillary's post-Obama plans. Here's the link to the make-believe newspaper in their website, with art done by their make-believe artist, who has the same name as me. http://www.washingtonglobenews.com/

Sigourney now holds the upper hand while the ex-pres crawls around the floor John-John style.  Below, Sigourney and Adrian Pasdar take time out from their torrid affair. She to take an important call, he, for unofficial business.

Here reporter Carla Guglino gets the dirt on former president Ciarán Hinds.

Will see these guys (not Ding Darling) at the AAEC in Sept. Honored to be asked.

We have the audio!