Pieces from the Cliff, 2012

DECEMBER 24, 2012
Some of the 2012 avalanche as seen in the rear view.
For the Washington Post Magazine and art director Beth Broadwater, I was happy to sign up for the annual Dave Barry cluster art experience. A cover, a spread and a bunch of spots. You probably know what Dave is driving at. He finds things in the year to poke fun at. Of course this meant steering clear of you-know-what and you-know-what. And then you-know-what too.  He's a brilliant humorist who stays perfect for the old-school newspaper scene by knowing where the boundaries, or sea walls, are. My concept was the New Year's party and the crumbling cliff.

Much less polite was the rebuilt Baffler magazine, now designed by Patrick JB Flynn. Thrilled to have a bit of space there to do a media puppet, published here in color.

Washingtonian, a tony DC mag, designed by Michael Goesele, needed a Hillary and Ryan. We can see that 2016 is not waiting for anyone. Whoosh.

Here, as well is my bouncy elephant for a Mother Jones package, art directed by Carolyn Perot (process video below). This is a rare time in politics with the Right going down to defeat on issue after issue, without much help from Democrats. People are just finally seeing them, at last, as a party devoted to self-delusion. Until they get hep to the jive, they will continue, like this metaphorical elephant, and old soldiers, to simply fade away. Here’s to a better 2013!