MARCH 12, 2013
When your work is recognized by the design community it is wonderful. This year it is especially great to be short-listed at SPD for work that goes in new directions.

Among the finalists in the category of Illustration: Single page / Spread is Six Portraits of Mitt Romney  done with Mary Parsons and The American Prospect. It employs an exciting direction for me, which I call illographix. This is involves graphing and charting using illustration. Two other examples will be in the upcoming Prospect as well as the next edition of The Baffler working with John Summers and Patrick jb Flynn (and the Flynstitute).


Equally as great is to be a finalist in the Spot Illustration category for my Mother Jones series: The Road to Citizens United. This also takes an issue apart and organizes, this time in a timeline. Great thanks to Tim Luddy for this collaboration. The spots responded to the opener, above, each illustrating great (?) moments in the loosening of campaign finance regulations, leading to the mess we have now. Starting with Teddy Roosevelt, through Nixon, to Gore to well, who knows what.

Great thanks to the juries at SPD and all my colleagues who are also up for medals (awarded in May). It’s great to be in your league, still getting into trouble.

One of the moguls came out of the meeting with TR saying, "He practically got down on his hands and knees to us!"
Of all the corrupt things we remember about Nixon, selling Ambassadorships is way down the list. A looooong list.
We all look for enlightenment in different places. Al Gore found it in a Buddhist temple.