The Mad Men of Climate Change Denial

MAY 30, 2013

A big part of my work comes from contacting art directors I respect with the hope of collaborating with them on a project I want to do. I am very lucky to be in an industry with great designers and editors. This results in work I am proud of.

Trained scientists and others take money to go on the air and in print and espouse lies dictated by and paid for by billionaire owners and boards of fossil fuel industries. At a time when the emergency warning light is flashing on climate change, these scoundrels help to confuse the issue, making it seem as though there is scientific debate where there is no significant scientific disagreement. The planet is warming rapidly and it is life-altering for the world as we know it. And worse if we do nothing.  But “nothing”, as in doing nothing, is the project for these men.

My project is to name them and draw them. What follows is the pitch I sent to Mary Parsons of the The American Prospect. And then the transformation from a collection of heads in the vest pockets of the CO2 cloud to . . . Mad Men.

Many thanks to Mary Parsons for her elegant handling of this idea from the git go. And editor Kit Rachlis for the support and smarts that make all the diff.

THE AMERICAN LIFE did an excellent Climate Change show last week, which you can hear HERE.