Late and Lately

SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
Here's an update of things done over recent months. I am combining editorial and stand-alone projects and personal gifts to people who have, incredibly, placed their delicate egos in my unpredicable hands. Grateful to them. And to everyone who appreciate what we do.
The Bushes as Game of Thrones family is a natural. This for the cover of the new Newsweek. Thanks to Priest and Grace.
Jeb for The Baffler. If you want to know about his education plan, follow the money. Thanks Patrick jb Flynn of the Flynnstitute.
Speaking of Newsweek: Tina Brown and Barry Diller for Politico: How to Lose $100 million.
I am also knee-deep in a book about the presidents. I hope I live long enough to finish it. Here are some heads from the project.
Speaking of presidents, my old friend Dennis Dittrich is wrapping up a long tenure as president of the Society of Illustrators. He asked for a portrait for the annual. He said, he wanted "the full treatment". I will never understand people. Anyway, he says he likes it. I'm glad because he is one wonderful, warm-hearted guy. And important to the great bonhomie of the SI. Honored, Dennis.
A triumphant Bill DeBlasio for a NY Observer cover.
Al Sharpton, my homie. Also for an Observer cover. As are the drawings to follow.
Peter Ward, labor leader.
Carmen Farina, NY education chancellor.
Chirlane McCray, NY's First Lady.
S. Donald Sussman, Top Democratic fundraiser. A series for The American Prospect, Mary Parsons, AD.
Amber and Steve Mostyn: turning Texas Blue
Haim Saban, Power Ranger mogul and funder.
Selfies are corrupting lit, says this piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Scott Seymour, AD.
This piece imagines what would have happened if Fran Drescher had had a nanny. For Tablet.
J Edgar Hoover. Not just another ugly face. Tablet.
DC blue-chip lobbyists Tony and Heather Podesta split up and, hence, would need to decide the destiny of their formidable art collection. For The Washingtonian. Michael Goesele, AD.
Glenn Dicterow, concert master of the NY Philharmonic retired this spring. I was asked by 'The Band" to paint him along with music directors spanning his 3 decades with the orchestra. A brilliant violinist and a lovely man.
Zubin Mehta
Kurt Mazur.
Current maesto, Alan Gilbert.
Taking it well, I thought.
Part of a stand-alone sequential, previewing summer movies for The Hollywood Reporter. Maleficent: starring, the Sultan of Brunai, whose house was boycotted by Sherry Lansing, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg. Peter Cury, AD.
John Kerry, as Sec. of State. Unchained. For The National Journal.
Victor Navasky in a wine tasting for an ad for The Nation Wine Club, which included the following:
Eleanor Roosevelt.
Molly Ivins.
James Baldwin.
Laura Ricketts, Cubs owner/Democratic fundraiser.
The College to Google Pipeline.
President of Himself, Chris Christie. Fortune.
Hillary Clinton, gamer. The American Prospect.
And lastly, Reagan. As I've always wanted to draw him. Crowing up dawns that were coming anyway. Here, heralding the new political season. Guaranteed to be filled with surprises. And, of course, that's what worries me.