Why I Teach

JANUARY 17, 2015
I've been teaching at SVA lo these 20 years. I began in the Continuing Ed world. Now teaching sophomores and seniors. And after being asked, beginning an evening class again. It's a different scene at night. Grown-ups, people who have been working in the graphic arts awhile or wanting to make a change. The conversations are different. I missed it. So here it is, beginning next week (still openings I understand).  SB's Open SVA Night Class.
This falls, it turns out, on the same week as I am honored by this profile of my teaching career along with 8 colleagues in the NY Observer by Cynthia Cotts: 
click here: Top of the Class: Some of NYC’s Leading Professors Share Their Secrets
I am grateful to SVA, The Observer and most of all, all my students over all the years, who have given me so many golden gifts.
What follows are a few illustrated  thoughts about why I love teaching.