Ideas of March

APRIL 2, 2015
It's been a busy few weeks. Sometimes it pours. This and teaching and I feel very young, which means like a college student cramming for finals! These all done in March: The new cover for Newsweek, on religion in politics. Story HERE by Matthew Cooper. Thanks to Robert Priest, Grace Lee, designers, Jim Impoco, EIC.
Next was my cover for the NY Times Style Section of The View for the very easy to work with Rodrigo Honeywell.  Story HERE.
After that is a page in The New Republic for Andrew Horton, who is always one of our favorites to work with. The Pope and his upcoming declaration on Climate, after which, deniers will be on even thinner ice than ever (gotta draw that!) Story HERE.
Finally, my monthly feature for GQ: Dumbest Quotes. Fred Woodward and Martin Salazar, designers. See how cool Martin animates them here (especially) the Robin Thicke piece.
When faces haunt your dreams you draw all night. 
More soon. Bests, S