Person of the Day

JUNE 26, 2007
“Operation Return to Sender” raids, in which Federal immigration agents round up and deport people, have resulted in the arrest of 23,000 nationwide.  This 7 year old was caught up in this program.  When his dad, Noe Reyes, was arrested in San Rafael, California, Kebin Reyes found himself locked all day in a room at the offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in San Francisco.   This has traumatized Kebin who has become extremely withdrawn.  The ACLU is taking up his cause.   Mr. Reyes is fighting the deportation order.  But, he says, there’s no question about his son’s status.  “My son has the same rights as an American citizen.  He was born in California.”
The people who are using this issue as a right wing chew-toy (their last rallying issue) hate complexity. Many undocumented workers are parents of 100% US citizens. This is complex.