Person of the Day

JULY 3, 2007
Karla Faye Tucker, who comes to mind today.  On Texas Death Row she pleaded for clemency (not a pardon).  Then Governor Bush answered her with mockery, “Please”, he whimpered for Tucker Carlson, “Don’t kill me!"  What a cut-up. Bush who was the stingiest with pardons, maybe in American history, let 153 people, in justice-challenged Texas meet their doom.  Karla Faye Tucker was put to death on February 3, 1998.
 Yesterday, though, Bush called Scooter Libby’s 30-month sentence “excessive”, worthy of commutation (Justice Dept. guidelines proscribe commutation for cases where appeals are dropped and the inmate is already serving time.  Hey, what’s a Justice Dept. anyway?)

Joe Biden’s website is urging everyone to flood the White House with calls today.  Not a bad way to spend a few minutes and be patriotic on the 3rd of July.