Person of the Day

Lewis Hine.

On this Labor Day we remember the brilliant artist/ brave American labor leader. Hine spent his life searching out images the American people needed to see to understand the hidden sweatshop workers, coal miners and others, with an emphasis on child labor.  He did this through the Progressive Era through the ‘30’s.  The contribution he made toward ending child labor as well as the jaw dropping images make him a very special guy.  Here’s to Lew.

PS:  After I put this up I got a message from Joe Manning, the author of the Lewis Hine Project.  Really something to see:
Cigar factory, 1908, Tampa.
Cigar Factory, 1908, Indianapolis.
In the factories a "reader" would read papers to the kids. It was their only education. Next to current day sweatshops this seems like a quaint frill.
A kid in the mines. The mule looks happier.
Cigar Kids.