The Naked Campaign: It's a Mad, Mad. Mad, Mad Election

FEBRUARY 7, 2008
  Here’s a kind of Super Tuesday wrap.  This tie between Clinton and Obama is actually looking bad for her. She’s going to need to do something to change this game! As  Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen point out on Politico.com Hillary is staring these factors in the face:
1-    Obama actually got more delegates on Tuesday. 14 more. His momentum is real.
2-    Obama was tied in the popular vote, very different than polls of just a few weeks ago.  This shows his surge.
3-    Obama carried 6 more states than she.  And they were diverse; especially impressive was bellwether Missouri.
4-    Hillary lost the money race in January.  He raised $31 million and she only $14 million.  That’s a 2-1 margin.
5-    The calendar will be very Obama friendly for now.  He’s got caucuses (which have been great for him), big African American turnout places like the Potomac primaries and his home state of Hawaii.  Her next big shots are Ohio and Pennsylvania in a month or more.
What will Bill do?

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