Person of the Day

FEBRUARY 13, 2008
In the wake of Obama’s 10-in-row sweep, cutting, for the first time across all demographic lines came this from Newsweek’s Howard Fineman, spoken in the wee small hours last night on MSNBC:
“It is highly unlikely that Hillary Clinton is going to finish the primary season with a lead in pledged delegates.  It is virtually impossible.  The goal for her is to somehow lessen the difference in the number of delegates to like 30-200.  If it’s a small number, this may be a pipedream, they will argue that they can use the super delegates to make up the difference.  But the bigger that number is the more difficult that is to do . .  and risk the storm inside the Democratic party.”  It’s time for Hillary to get out the knives for Bam.  More likely, the voters will get out the fork.