Just a Dream at Twilight

AUGUST 28, 2008
As members of the fraternity of satiric artists and people who contribute to mainstream and independent media we must focus intensely on Obama; what he says, how his positions may veer off the right course.  He needs criticism from us more than a Republican, because he can do more damage in his way.  And he can be moved (he reads!).

But for tonight I think pausing and feeling this moment is a good thing.  It is hard to be cynical and pissed off tonight, for me. Because there is nothing in our lives to compare this with.  It, to me, is the good part of America, after all the sludge it has been covered with, and all its own flaws that have contributed for so long to its isolation, finally reasserting itself.  Struggling back into the daylight.  And here is the messenger, flawed, gawky, seemingly out of nowhere.  But he’s right enough to pin hopes on.  And if you are a praying person, to do that too.  Things have gotten pretty bad very fast.  Here is a thing that reminds us that we are made of better stuff.  Sure we’ll take this guy apart as we go.   That’s the drill.  But here’s hoping he has the talent to transcend, not only tonight, but the horrible trends we and human kind have set in motion.  Go Barack.

PS:  This from Walter Fauntroy, an aide to King 45 years ago tonight from the wonderful TIMES piece today:
“People ask what has changed, and I say don’t trivialize the changes,” Mr. Fauntroy said. “I’m seeing the fruit of the changes that began in 1964. I was close to Bobby Kennedy. He said to me: ‘You know, America’s going to change. Forty years from now, a black man could achieve what my brother has achieved.’ ”