Campaign to Nowhere

SEPTEMBER 10, 2008
As amazing as Sarah Palin's lack of qualifications for VP is her serial lying on the road. Like a person with a serious case of Tourettes she seems unable (or not allowed) utter anything but the same speech from her hit show in St. Paul.  Worse she seems fine with repeating a series of statements now thoroughly debunked by the press.  The marquee lie is the one about opposing pork spending, such as a "Bridge ot Nowhere" in Alaska.  The fact is that she supported this project, and others, for the better part of the time.  How can this gang have no shame about this? Perhaps the answer is that they don't need to be inconvenienced by reason, when they have seen elections won by cultural radar, with a big wink to a well organized band of, well . . .  pick an adjective
MSNBC last night: