Western Expansion

NOVEMBER 2, 2008
Dr. Drew Western
A relatively unknown story this year has been that of Dr. Drew Western a psychology professor at Emory University who a produced the first data-driven political language for progressives.  He wrote “The Message Handbook for Progressives fro Left to Center”.  His successful “framing” of issues has been a large factor this year.
 Frank Luntz, highly successful GOP language framer says, “It’s as though the Republicans have fallen back 15 years in their communication at the very moment when Democrats vaulted ahead 15 years.”
 Drew contends the American moderate-to-liberal impulses are strong.  It’s all in how you talk about them.
 For example, you don’t lecture African American churches on same sex marriage, he says, you talk about the “human desire for dignity and respect”.  In a Georgia race he advises, don’t use the word “government” but rather “leadership”.  “Health care is a right of citizens who work hard everyday.” Who can argue with that?
So the results tomorrow will not just be a response to the man at the top of the ticket.  It will also be because Democrats have at long last (at least for now) found something like a voice.