The "Family Values" Gang: RIP

NOVEMBER 15, 2008
Before the memory fades, let us recall those special moments of the Republican culture wars with its greatest warriors. These pieces all done for “You Don’t Know Me: a Guide to Republican Family Values”, by Win McCormack, published this year by Tin House Publishing.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, tried the Method on women on the sets of his movies.
Bill O’Reilly given to the harassment of a young producer (he called a loofa a falafel, which even in the shower tastes better).
Newt Gingrich, big-time Clinton accuser, was really a small time Clinton imitator.
Rudy Giuliani announced his divorce at a press conference.  That’s how his wife found out about it.
Neil Bush, younger brother of President Bush, admitted to engaging in romps with women in Asia.
In the early 1990s, Bob Barr was photographed at a fundraising event licking whipped cream off of a woman.
Larry Craig, after an encounter, presumably after praying, would say, “You don’t know me.”