Marcelo Lucero

NOVEMBER 21, 2008
Marcelo Lucero was an Equadoran resident stabbed to death two weeks ago on Long Island because he looked like a Mexican. Seven teenagers, marinating in our hate-filled environment, killed him for his appearance.  So Patchogue joins Laramie and Jasper as a hot boil on the racism-pocked face of America, reminding us how much work there still to do.

The first order of business would be to respond to an atrocity like this with outrage.  And that is happening.  And to resolve to speak out against racism everywhere (and I suspect there’s a fast commodity futures market here).

St. Joseph’s College is taking up a collection to help pay for repatriation and burial costs. Checks can be made payable to SJC - The Marcello Lucero Fund and sent to the Institutional Advancement office.

St. Joseph's College

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