MARCH 19, 2009
Victor Juhasz and I go back to the days when the NY Times’ 9 fl. was a place to meet everybody who’s work you knew or were going to.  It was sort of a prehistoric Drawger. Victor was always good but fell under the spell of Sorel for a spell (kind of a Cole Porter rhyme).  Like Jeff Smith with McMullen, Brian Cronin with David Suter, Cuneo and whoever the big feet guy was, he emerged from this influence with his own voice, but having learned marvelous lessons.   Today he is, in my opinion, the most skilled conceptual caricaturist in the business.  There seems to be no project he cannot make work with clarity, immediacy and great humor.  His draughtsmanship is top notch and he is a wonderful colorist to boot. His recent work for Rolling Stone (in my old job) and Newsweek have been key work, being very significant not just as illustrations but as political docs. His work was a star of the Politics ’08 show at the SI. So here’s a toast to the great Victor and with some Rolling Stones and others. Enjoy.