Bob McNamara Passes Through Customs

JULY 9, 2009
"Do you have anything to declare?"

Here's The Fog of War, as recommended by Brian, and me:

BTW: Robert Scheer on Robert Strange McNamara: http://www.thenation.com/doc/20090720/scheer


News Quiz

Today in Pakistan, US drones killed:
A- 12
B- 37
C- 45
D- Some Pakistani’s heart and mind

Greenpeace placed an Obama banner, with a plea for the G8 to act on global warming, over:
A- Mount Rushmore
B- Neverland Ranch
C- The Society of Illustrators

Later the G8:
A- Blew off CO2 cuts
B- Blamed non-members China and India
C- Ate great Italian food
D-All of the above