Steve Brodner
October 2008
Illustration Rocks
Tim Luddy at Mother Jones says that Tim O'Brien's cover of Wicked George was their best selling cover.  People are still calling for issues. Here's an example of illustration making everything happen in the real world.  Making money for a magazine, which pays top dollar for art, supporting an artist and his family . . . while making good, true commentary about the world, creating images that will last forever in people's minds. Viva Tim. Viva PROFESSIONAL ILLUSTRATION.
This from Larry Robal. A calvalcade of Obama pumkins. Thanks Larry.  Si se pueda
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GOP Rock Star from Alaska
Yes, it’s the popular Ted Stevens, GOP Senate dean and soon to be doing big time in a lower house. Whether he wins or not next week he and any dreams of a GOP future in USpolitics will be neatly put away for a time.  “An extremist rump”, or so speculates Robert S. Eshelman on the Mother Jones site:

  “There's clearly a new political landscape forming in the U.S. That's what the polls are telling us. It's not just that the first major-party black candidate for President is leading by significant margins in the national polls; it's not just that North Dakota, a state George W. Bush won in 2004 by 64%, is believed to be "in play"; it's not just that Virginia which, like North Dakota, was last carried by a Democrat in the sweep year of 1964, is, according to the most recent Washington Post poll and others, in the Obama camp by at least 8 points, or that he's leading in a remarkable number of states Bush took in 2004, or even that Democratic Senate and House candidates are making a run of it in previously ridiculous places.

Consider, instead, three recent polls in the context of the Bush years. Obama and McCain are now in a "statistical dead heat" among born-again evangelicals, those Rovian foot soldiers of two successful Bush elections, according to a recent survey; and the same seems to be true in Sarah Palin's "real America," those rural and small town areas she's praised to the skies. According to a poll commissioned by the Center for Rural Strategies, in those areas which Bush won in 2004 by 53%-41%, Obama now holds a statistically insignificant one point lead. To complete this little trifecta, Gallup has just released a poll showing that Jews are now likely to vote for Obama by a more than 3 to 1 majority (74% to 22%).

If present projections come close to holding, this could prove to be a rare reconfiguring or turning-point election—as Wall Street expert Steve Fraser first suggested might be possible at TomDispatch way back in February 2007. If so, the Republican Party, only recently besotted by dreams of a generational Pax Republicana, might find itself driven back into the deep South and deep West for who knows how long, "an extremist rump, reduced to a few stronghold states and obsessed with causes that seem not to matter to the general public."

Mr. October
It’s funny how ideas come to you. Last Weds. I was writing #44 under a picture of Obama (for another illustration) and the brain made the connection between the 44th president and Reggie Jackson! Out of the whole campaign October was by far Obama’s best month.  MR. OCTOBER!  On deck!! New Yorker this week.
Naked Campaign #27: The Twilight of the Gods
As the long campaign winds down, McCain/Palin add some extra heat, and spread it around.
Hate Jockey Clubhouse Extra:
Michele O-Bummer vs. Hurrican Katrina
Let’s face it. We know who the president is going to be.  Let us all get hep and fast to who will be running the hate network starting not Nov. 5 . . .  but now. Here’s one for starters. Michele Bachman, running in Minnesota, on the dying winds of the Gingrich storm of 14 years ago, is giving us the time of day in Red America. Here’s her now-celebrated performance on Hardball last week, calling for investigations of “Liberals” (who are feared above all by the fundamentalist right) and Katrina vanden Heuvel’s extremely sharp rejoinder.  We need the bugs to get all the light we can shine on them and keep the public discourse for people with working frontal lobes.
Michelle Bachman Calls Liberals "Anti-American"
The Aristocrats
Things We Did Last Summer
After all, the memory that will ring in John McCain’s ears during his upcoming long winter vacation may be the things he heard in his rallies from the kind of human beings his campaign attracted, and whose “passion” he was counting on.  It feels like he pretty much got what he ordered.  Skol, my friend. 
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