It's the Orwell-a-thon!

FEBRUARY 20, 2010





Moments in the never ending carnival of crazy with names funny enough to make anyone, especially George Orwell, shake, rattle and roll.



1. The Simon Weisenthal TOLERANCE MUSEUM is being built on a 400 year-old Palestinian gravesite.

From the Times of London:

“What the UN can do is limited but they can investigate and raise awareness,” said Diana Buttu, a lawyer involved with the petition. “We have exhausted all our other legal means.”


Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Weisenthal Centre, has defended the decision to build the museum, stating that the complex will promote coexistence. “All citizens of Israel, Jews and non-Jews, are the real beneficiaries of the site,” he said.


2. The Chinese Tiger Farm

As tigers vanish in the wild, they have a home getting a more civilized slaughter. In Giulin, China there is a farm that raises them for their parts, which sell well on the world market.

From the NYT:

"If there is any mystery about what happens to the big cats at Xiongsen Tiger and Bear Mountain Village in Guilin, it is partly explained in the gift shop, where fuzz-coated bottles in the shape of a tiger are filled with “bone strengthening” wine. The liquor, which costs $132 for a six-year-old brew, is sold openly across the surrounding Guangxi region and beyond."

Best: a large sign in the building’s interior declares “Protecting Wild Animals is the Bounden Duty of Every Citizen.”

3. Dumpster Grannys

After months of group fantasy about Death Panels for Granny, the GOP has revealed what it would do with the Medicare and SS if they had the chance: end them.  Granny, then, narrowly escapes death.  At least a fast one.



4. Torture anyone?

Last week's Meet the Press had Dick Cheney finally admit that he was pro-waterboarding. Was I the only one who heard this? And of course, "we don't believe  in torture".  And neither did Yoo and Bybee.  Everybody spin!

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