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I work for Scott Brown
Before you get any crazy ideas, let me clarify that I'm talking about the other Scott Brown; Yes, the witty writer that every month delivers a terrific article for Wired magazine. I've had the privilege to illustrate Mr. Brown's page for over a year now and I believe this has been one of the coolest editorial gigs I've done. The freedom I get from the AD, Margaret Swart, allows me to move away from working in just one particular style, which helps keeping the section (and my vision) fresh.

Here's a few of the pieces I've done, Including the one above (Geek at Night) for an article on friday nights' geeky TV series.
Nanocomedy: Stand up comedy going places.
This one was about companies that take care of our digital remains when we are gone :(
Screen Grab, The Facebook movie.... oh, Hollywood!
Outsourcing Scott Brown was about today's abundance of writers' services through the internet.
Previously blogged, this one was about the Transformers movie and the direct involvement of the Army and GM with the film.
Dr Who... who, according to the amount of e-mails I received because of the illustration, is much more popular in America than I thought :)
Neurocinema: This one was about studies that show the behavor of the brain during a film.
One on the remake of 80's movies (like Wall Street), with the obvious dated technology.
And last but not least, The Shadow Knows, a very funny piece on a "script critic" from Hollywood who's opinion is surprisingly powerful in the movie industry.
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