Leo Espinosa
I'll be heading down to Argentina in a couple of weeks for a solo show I'm having at Galería Turbo.

All the pieces, mostly drawings, small paintings and a few three dimensional objects were inspired by a conversation I had with fellow Dragweroid Robert Saunders during a party, in which he described to me the gypsy burial ritual of burning the caravan of the person who dies (Rob, plays Gypsy Jazz and knows a lot about the subject).
That simple image of flames over the traces of one's existence sent me straight to the sketchbook and I did tons of doodles related to freedom and detachment: Freedom from pain, freedom from feeling stuck in the same place, freedom from loneliness, freedom from fear of tomorrow, freedom from the material and the unnecessary. To my surprise, all of them looked more like a celebration or a moment of meditation rather than tragedy or loss.
In an effort to tame the vector monsters that still makes me do things too tight, I'm allowing more improvisation here and there, getting messy with colors and shapes as I render the finals. Not easy though, but I'm happy with the results I'm getting.

Before I leave I'll post pictures of the process, sketches and a little more about the theme but for now this is the end of the midnight break, back to Piazzolla and work. I still have a lot to finish...
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