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Back from Buenos Aires
Well, kind of. It happens every time I go back to South America, my body returns first and my heart takes a liiiittle longer... with really good reasons for that this time! The trip to Buenos Aires was just a fantastic experience filled with old friends, new friends, art, wine and the magic of discovering a city that breeds beauty and nostalgia.

My gallery show, Gitango, easily exceeded any expectations I had. I put some good hours preparing the artwork here in my studio and about a week setting up the show down there with the help of a terrific group of talented friends. There were long dinners and great conversations and laughs woven in between painting and building.

Here are a few pics of the pieces I created for the exhibit, mostly drawings and acrylic on paper, masonite, old fabric and canvas. Sorry for the titles in Spanish but they're a little tricky to translate.

Many thanks to Juli, Ramiro and DOMA collective, Orilo, Mariano, Julian and especially Matias, none of this would have been possible without your priceless help and kindness.
Pictured above, the making of 75 hand-crafted humming birds that are still "flying free" all over Gallery Turbo. (photo by Adriana Mosquera)
Amante flameante + Danza que no
Danza que no (detail)
Amante flameante (detail)
Si pudiesemos permanecer
Vendrá + Desde lo absoluto
Refugio + Llego,Parto + Estancia
Casiopea atemporal
Fosforesciento + Retrato de una vez
Persuación (this one's a funky mix of charcoal, acrylic, watercolors and film)
Entre más cerca (tryptic)
Fuimos todos (limited edition silkscreen)
Opening Sale! Think Argentinian Pesos :)
One of the walls inside Turbo. Between the humming birds, their shadows and the trees Matias helped me painting, I was able to create the mood I wanted. Actually, even more dramatic than I thought.
The fireflies looked quite real at night!
The translucent layered wings of the humming birds created a nice movement effect. It kind of looked like inside the gallery time had stopped.
Beautiful and talented Argentinas: Fenanda Cohen, Laura Varsky and Juliana Pedemonte.
Nate Williams was in the house! Glad you and Claudia made it, Nate :)
Silkscreen live was fun! People brought tees, jackets, boards and paper to get printed. Matias showed his chops!
Our very tough curator payed us a visit to the space to see if everything was in order. Ramiro, cutest baby south of the Equator!
At the beginning it wasn't so easy, but after a couple of hours climbing up and down the scaffolding I was in heaven!
See a whole set of the making of the show
Buenos Aires is full of great characters always willing to have a conversation. I spent some time with this eloquent gentleman who told me about his bicycle-knife-sharping-machine.
See a whole set of my photos of Buenos Aires
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