Leo Espinosa
Play like a girl!
The symptoms of World Cup fever are starting to mess up my concentration at work, but luckily I got this great assignment to design different characters based on best female soccer player in the world, Marta Vieria da Silva. Reading about her and watching a ton of videos for reference, I discovered that besides being talented with the ball (and really cute), Marta is a sweet and charismatic woman who's inspiring a whole new generation of Fútbol girls.
My daughter Sofía is one of them. She's a lot of fun to watch because in the field she turns into this little machine determined to carry the ball to the other side, usually for somebody else to score. These sketches and pics of her during practice are not recent but I love looking at them when I need a little motivation.

Oh, oh... I feel the fever coming back again, I better go and ask my little tornado if she's up for a friendly match. I promise to post close-ups of my illos of Marta as soon as my client's website goes life.
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