Leo Espinosa
Warm and Fuzzy
It's not a surprise that the first signs of the warm and fuzzy feelings of the Holiday Season are showing up earlier each year. To me that means that by late October I'm wearing a wool hat and sipping coffee while working extra long hours, often until I see the sunrise peeking through my studio window. One of the projects I've done in the past weeks is this illustration for Nicolukas Bakery; The design studio gave me total freedom and the only request was that I had to emulate the atmosphere of Santa's workshop but using my original characters. It was quite tricky to fit all the details I had initially created and sadly I had to leave a few out, but at the end I was very happy with how it came out. Many thanks to my dear friend Zina Saunders for her invaluable help with all my Photoshop questions (I couldn't have finished on time without it) and to Lucho Correa for such a fun assignment.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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