Leo Espinosa
Barcelona 2.
Les gates de Grącia remix

In my neighborhood of Gràcia there were a lot of cats. Tons of scruny stray cats. One day I counted almost 20 hanging out on top of the roof behind my flat. They caused a lot of trouble and my poor next door neighbors had to chase the abusive felines out of the kitchen all the time. There were a couple of huge fights among the neighbors for feeding the cats. The crazy lady from the top floor would yell to the old man living bellow, and he would yell to my neighbor María and she would yell to somebody else. All this from their windows. One night as I was enjoying one of their heated  discussions from my terrace, somebody threw a bucket of water towards my neighbor's window. It was totally insane. The cats would just hide and watch. I could see their little ears pointing out trying not to miss a word.
What a fun place.
Les gates de Grącia original

Here's the original painting, Edel. I added the graphic elements not too long ago remembering how funny the fights were. Total comedy, man.
The cats were misterious and hungry, I always liked them. Once I had to face the nosy old lady from upstair who was blaming me for feeding them. I didn't like them that much to do so.
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