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Many moons ago when I made the switch from design to illustration, I only did the minimum sketches necessary for any given assignment but rarely drew for fun. I don't think I even had a sketchbook for years. Luckily, that changed with time and I embraced drawing as a daily ritual.
I started teaching this semester to a mixed group of illustrators and designer and drawing has become the perfect common ground from where we start every single project. I keep remind them about the importance of drawing constantly. Drawing without thinking and drawing with a lot of thinking. Drawing uninspired and drawing with a muse. Drawing fast thumbnails but also complete concepts. Drawing to spark strong ideas instead of spending hours and hours clicking the mouse around waiting for ideas to happen. Here's a few recent editorial jobs and some of the doodles I do (for fun) in between assignments.
Pictured above, a piece about young hackers and their mighty power for Wired magazine
An illo on how bad 3D video games are for little children for Baby and Toddler magazine (left) and a fast sketch inspired by a cool kid I spotted at the airport in Atlanta (right)
This one was for The Atlantic, for an article about robots that have been programed to answer people's tweets... hah, and you thought someone was actually interested in how special your cat is!

Doodles on scrap paper
A piece about retirement and dangerous investments for Plansponsor magazine
And last but not least, some small details from a couple of commissioned pieces that started as personal work from my sketchbook.
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