Leo Espinosa

I know it's been a while since my last post, but a lot has happened in the past couple of months that have kept me away from Drawger.
After years of living in the North East, la familia Espinosa decided to move out west and start a new life. We chose Salt Lake City because of many reasons but two of them stand out: One is family (cute little cousins for our kids included) and the other one is the easy access to the great outdoors all year round, mainly in the winter time, when skiing (which we all love) can easily replace TV and video games (which the two young members of our clan seem to love).

Back in May, we bought a swell mid century house that needed some work, planned to drive cross country and started "remote remodeling" while still living in Providence, hoping that our new home would be ready by the time we would land in Salt Lake. The trip felt really long at times due to the heat wave that was heading in the opposite direction, but at the same time it was very special in many levels and made us appreciate this vast and beautiful country much more.

Because of the strange ways the universe behaves, a few illustration projects I had on hold got the green light as we started our journey from lovely Cape Cod forcing me to work at night at every single motel we stayed in. Even after we arrived I kept burning the midnight oil and pulling a few all-nighters to complete all the assignments on time, including an animated TV spot, an ad campaign, a CD jacket, a couple of book covers, character and type design and my regular editorial jobs. It was truly insane!

But because the universe is not that inconsiderate, work finally slowed down and we have been able to explore and relax a bit too. We have hiked up to places where there's still snow, rode our bikes up and down these canyons, swim in the afternoons, enjoyed awesome concerts and met great people like fellow Drawgeroid, Robert Neubecker and his family.

As time permits I'll be posting the projects I've mentioned above, some of which I'm extremely proud of. Needless to say, after a month of being here, construction is still going on at our place and we still have a few more trips to IKEA. Alas, it all feels right, fresh and exciting.
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