Leo Espinosa
The Power of Imagination is Sacred
Adriana Berrio -aka Lady Bionika- makes jewelry, embroidery, intriguing drawings, unique patterns, stuffed creatures and a killer cup of coffee. Although we have many friends in common and lived in Barcelona around the same time, we only met personally last year at her studio in Bogotá, where I had the opportunity to see her working on a silver amulet. While she welded tiny pieces of metal, I drew on her walls and we talked about the power of symbols and words, read comics, exchange good music tips and laughed like we had been friends for a long, long time.

Lady Bionika recently had a show titled The Power of Imagination is Sacred, a small shrine of objects and drawings filled with mini-enigmas, untold stories and an indescribable energy that can only come from a heart like hers.
Here are some images from her show and a few other creations.

More of her work could be seen HERE
[photos from the exhibit by Nancy Mora]

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