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Okay kids listen up, I have an evil plan to erase any Crumb images from your brains. Well, not really, but I want to introduce to you the work of other great comic artists and writers that you might not be so familiar with. The plans goes like this:
If you want to participate, e-mail me your address before October 4th and I will mail a book* to the first person who e-mails me. The book will go with a list of people that want to read it, so after the first reader is done, he or she will mail it to the second person in the list and so on. Capice? The book can easily be digested in an hour or so but you can keep it for two days if you want (no longer than that). The last reader should mail it back to me and if you think we should continue with another book, by all means, I'm up for it! I have plenty to share.
Sorry everybody, this is only for Drawger members.
Klezmer by Joann Sfar. This is the last book by Sfar that has been translated into english. The previous one, The Rabbi's Cat  won many awards. Trust me, this is genius work.
Here's some sample pages of the story.
This is not for free, no way. You would have to do a doodle in the book. nothing fancy but something that will mark this book as a well loved book.

Who's interested? (Click on the CONTACT button on the upper right corner of this page and e-mail me your address!)
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